center for international cooperation & trainning in agricultural banking
(Promoted by Government of India and Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations), Ganeshkhind Road, Near Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune - 411007, Maharashtra, India.
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One of the distinguishing features of CICTAB is focus of its activities on programmes and practices relating to rural development. CICTAB, therefore, endeavours, through its programmes to help develop integrated management of organisations and institutions concerned with promoting and financing rural development.
In terms of its objectives, activities envisaged for CICTAB are :
  1. To actively promote and strengthen national systems for training in agricultural banking - credit and other organisations engaged in rural financing and development.
  2. To conduct training courses/workshops/seminars in India or other countries of the region on various aspects of Agricultural/Rural Financing and Development.

  3. While conceived essentially as a sub-regional centre for Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India, subsequently extending its scope to all the countries of SAARC Region, it is also expected that CICTAB will provide an effective forum for exchange of experience in agricultural banking and related fields between different developing countries in Asia and Africa. CICTAB's role, thus, is comprehensive and crucial but catalytic in nature. The Activities envisaged for CICTAB are defined in terms of its role and also of the countries it is expected to serve. CICTAB's functions are thus
    1. Training of personnel in relevant spheres and
    2. Serve as a forum for exchange of experience among developmental functionaries.